If you are a presenter or panel chair, please review these instructions .

Presenters should take no more than 20 minutes to give a paper.1 Whether you are on 2- or 3-person panel, the time limit is 20 minutes

1 “Exceeding your time is a sin. A venal sin.” – R.D. Gidney

Questions are held until the end, after all presenters have given their papers.

Each of the breakout presentation rooms (Spirit A, Spirit D, Hunt, and Stone) is equipped with a microphone, podium, and a projector or LCD display. If you wish to use the projector LCD to display slides, please note that computers are not provided. You must bring your laptop and hook it up the projector or LCD in order to show your slides. Bring any adapters (“dongles”) you believe you may need. Technical support will be on duty during presentations.

The panel chair keeps time. The panel chair will hold up a card with “5 minutes,” “2 minutes,” and “STOP.”

The panel chair moderates the questions.