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2021 Special Online Symposium

The Canadian History of Education Association/Association canadienne d’histoire de l’éducation (CHEA/ACHÉ) is holding a special online symposium on Friday, October 29th, 2021 . The symposium does not replace the biennial conference, which will take place in-person from October 13th-15th, 2022, at the Inn at Laurel Point (Victoria, BC).

Instead, the symposium’s purpose is to bring new scholars in the history of education together with invited scholar-mentors for dynamic discussions that explore new directions in the history of education field. In light of the field’s essential need to speak to the history of current crises, we also welcome scholarship that considers the history of education in relation to anti-Blackness and anti-Indigeneity. (We will consider as well proposals from closely related fields, such as history education and social studies education.)


NEW– Symposium participants, scholar-mentors, and schedule.


To register to attend the symposium, go here


Panel 1.1

Friday, October 29th, 2021.

12 – 1:30 PM EST

Kristen Chmielewski (Assistant professor of Health and Human Development, Western Washington University):

“A Sick Teacher Makes a Sick Child”: US City Teachers and Disability in the 1930s and 1940s.

Alexandra Giancarlo (Assistant professor of Kinesiology, University of Calgary):

“To evaluate the mental powers of the Indian children:” Scientific racism in settler colonial Canada’s Indian residential school system.

Mentor: Mona Gleason (Professor of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia).

Panel/Table ronde 1.2

Friday, October 29th, 2021/vendredi le 29 octobre 2021

12 – 1:30 PM EST / 12h – 13h30 heure de l’Est

Mohammed Fateh (PhD student, Queen’s University):

Bangladesh: BRAC’s shift from Freire’s literacy method and “conscientization” to a neo-liberal self-optimization approach of development.

Beatrice de Montigny (Étudiante au doctorat, Université d’Ottawa):

De la cigogne au condom, ou comment les curriculums de santé et sexualité négligent le plaisir : une analyse en Ontario de 1998 à aujourd’hui.

Mentor: Jason Ellis (Associate professor of Educational Studies, University of British Columbia).

Panel 1.3

Friday, October 29th, 2021.

12 – 1:30 PM EST

Mark Currie (PhD candidate, University of Ottawa):

The Streets Have Always Been History Teachers: Learning to (Re)Create Antiracist Sociohistorical Geographies.

Emily Tran (PhD candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison):

American Reckonings: Historical Memory and Colorblind Racial Ideology, 1970-2020.

Mentor: Funké Aladejebi (Assistant professor of History, University of Toronto)

Panel 2.1

Friday, October 29th, 2021.

2 – 3:30 PM EST

Eric Farr (PhD candidate, University of Toronto):

Public Schooling and the Spirit of Secularism: Reframing the Role of Religion in the History of Education in Ontario.

Mallory Davies (PhD student, University of Waterloo):

“Break the Welfare Cycle”: Educational Policy and Programming Regarding Teen Mothers in Vancouver, 1973-1982.

Mentor: Theodore Christou (Associate dean and professor of Education, Queen’s University).

Panel 2.2

Friday, October 29th, 2021.

2 – 3:30 PM EST

Sara Karn (PhD student, Queen’s University):

Historical Empathy and Canadian History Education: Past, Present, and Future.

Yotam Ronen (PhD student, University of British Columbia):

“Spread the Truth Already Acquired” — Anarchist Education as Anarchist Archivization.

Mentor: Lindsay Gibson (Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy, University of British Columbia).

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