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Membership inquires (including new memberships) should be directed to the secretary-treasurer Katie Gemmell at



Amended October at October 15, 2022 BGM, Victoria, B.C.

I Name

The name of this organization shall be the Canadian History of Education Association/L’Association canadienne d’histoire de l’éducation.

II Organization and Purpose

The Canadian History of Education Association/L’Association canadienne d’histoire de l’éducation [hereafter CHEA/ACHÉ or Association], an independent body, is an affiliate of the Canadian Association for Foundations in Education/L’Association canadienne pour l’étude des fondements de l’éducation [hereafter CAFE/ACEFÉ] which is, itself, a constituent body of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education [hereafter CSSE].

CHEA/ACHÉ is an association of people interested in the study of the educational past in Canada and abroad. CHEA/ACHÉ understands the history of education to include, but not be limited to, formal and informal settings for teaching and learning, social and cultural approaches to education, the study of children and youth, as well as policy and governance of schooling. The membership is comprised of interdisciplinary and international scholars, students, educators, administrators, and community-based researchers who are committed to critical dialogue on various aspects of education and history.

Included in CHEA/ACHÉ’s activities is the organization of a stand-alone biennial conference and, sponsored sessions at the annual CAFE/ACEFÉ conference, the publication of the journal Historical Studies in Education/Revue d’histoire de l’éducation, the facilitation and support of the foundational studies in education, and the formation of affiliations with other national and international organizations with similar objectives.

III Membership

All persons who are interested in the intersection of history and education, in any of its aspects, and who pay their dues shall be eligible for membership. All members of CHEA/ACHÉ may vote, nominate members for office, stand for office, and otherwise benefit from the activities of the association.

IV Membership Dues

Membership dues shall be set at the biennial general meeting by a majority vote of the members who are present.

CHEA/ACHÉ membership dues are collected as part of registration at the biennial conference (for a two-year period). Alternatively, membership dues may be paid directly to CHEA/ACHÉ.

V Members of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall consist of:


·       2-year term

·       Plans the biennial conference

·       Chairs the Executive Committee and Conference Planning Committee

·       Conducts association’s day-to-day business in consultation with Exec committee as needed

First vice-president

·       2-year term

·       Assists in planning biennial conference

Second vice-president

·       2-year term

·       Responsible for CHEA prizes


·       4-year term

·       Prepares Biennial general meeting minutes

·       Keeps financial records

·       Maintains the membership and member contact lists

Past president

·       2-year term

·       Advises president

Graduate Student Representative

·       2-year term

·       Represents graduate student interests

Member at large: Communications

·       4-year term

·       Maintains CHEA website and social media accounts

Member at large: Outreach

·       2-year term

·       New member recruitment

·       Actively seeks new partnerships (e.g with other associations, professional groups, etc.)

HSE/RHÉ Representative

·       Ex-officio (voting) as an HSE/RHÉ editor

·       Liaises with CHEA/ACHÉ president

VI Biennial General Meeting

A general meeting of the Association shall be held during the Biennial Conference. The time and place of the meeting shall be decided by the President in consultation with the Executive and Planning Committees.

VII Affiliation as a Special Interest Group of CAFE/ACEFÉ

As an affiliated association, CHEA/ACHÉ will respect the constitution of CAFE/ACEFÉ. If a conflict were to exist between the by-laws of the associations, CHEA/ACHÉ’s will hold precedence.

CHEA/ACHÉ’s affiliation with CAFE/ACEFÉ (CSSE) may be terminated by either side, subject to at least one year’s notice.

VIII Languages

The official languages of CHEA/ACHÉ are French and English.

IX Amendment of the Constitution

The Constitution may be amended at the Biennial General Meeting by a majority vote of the members present. Any member of the Association may initiate amendments to the constitution, provided that notice has been provided by e-mail to the membership and posted on the CHEA/ACHÉ website at least 60 days prior to the General Meeting.

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