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Call for nominations and self-nominations for a CHEA/ACHÉ president/conference organizer


The Canadian History of Education Association/Association canadienne d’histoire de l’éducation (CHEA/ACHÉ) is seeking nominations for a president to serve a two-year term. (Nominations due by 15 December 2024.)

** The president’s chief role is to organize the next biennial conference, which will take place in October 2026.**

Self-nominations are welcome.

The president, and the CHEA/ACHÉ executive, are the public face of CHEA/ACHÉ. They represent its approximately 120 members, who are professors, independent scholars, archivists, people employed in museum and other cultural venues, K-12 teachers, and graduate students.

The president leads the CHEA/ACHÉ executive and organizes the biennial conference.

The president also represents CHEA/ACHÉ on the board of the Canadian Association of Foundations of Education/Association canadienne pour l’étude des fondements en education (CAFE/ACÉFÉ).

Individuals interested in the position of CHEA/ACHÉ president should submit their name and the host institution for the conference as well as a proposed conference city. The conference city need not be the same city as where the host institution is located.

The CHEA/ACHÉ president is voted by the members. Individual nominations received through this process must be voted by the members. This vote will take place electronically.

The rest of the executive will also be elected electronically as part of this vote. Nominees for CHEA/ACHÉ president who would like to present a full or partial executive slate with their nomination at this time are encouraged to do so. However, having a complete slate is not a requirement for nomination for president.

The CHEA/ACHÉ executive consists of the followingpositions (from the CHEA-ACHÉ constitution; find position descriptions by clicking here):

  • President;

  • First vice-president;

  • Second vice-president;

  • Secretary-treasures;

  • Graduate student representative;

  • Member at large, outreach;

  • Member at large, communications.

Please address and send your nomination to Gemma Porter (, President, CHEA/ACHÉ and Jason Ellis (, Past president.

Nominations are due by December 15th, 2024.

Please contact Gemma Porter (, President, CHEA/ACHÉ with your questions.


Our Mission

The Canadian History of Education Association / Association canadienne d’histoire de l’éducationbrings together scholars, students, educators, teacher educators, and community-based researchers to study the educational past in Canada and abroad. CHEA/ACHÉ understands the history of education to include, but not be limited to, formal and informal settings for teaching and learning (e.g. curricula and pedagogy, as well as community groups), social and cultural approaches to education (i.e. from religious organizations to the arts), the study of children and youth (e.g. youth clubs, popular culture), as well as policy and governance of schooling (i.e. from leader biographies to policy document analysis).

As an established and lively academic association, CHEA/ACHÉ thus offers a network of interdisciplinary and international scholars committed to critical dialogue on various aspects of schooling history. To support this critical dialogue, we organize a biennial meeting/conference held at different locations across the country and many of the contributions are published in our peer-reviewed partner journal Historical Studies in Education. We also stimulate online discussion about the new and exciting aspects of education history research and politics through our online and social media presence.


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