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CHEA Award Winners 2020-2022

  • Distinguished Contribution Award, 2022: Elizabeth Smyth, OISE-Toronto.

  • Founders Prize, English book, 2020: Catherine Gidney (St. Thomas University), Captive Audience: How Corporations Invaded Our Schools.

  • Founders Prize, English book, 2022: Funké Aladejebi (Toronto), Schooling the System: A History of Black Women Teachers and Raymond Mason with eds. Theodore Christou (Queen’s) and Jackson Pind (Queen’s) Spirit of the Grassroots People: Seeking Justice for Indigenous Survivors of Canada’s Colonial Education System.

  • Founders Prize, French book, 2020: Marie-Pierre Bousquet (Montreal) and Karl Hele (Mount Allison) eds., La Blessure qui Dormait à Poings Fermés : L’héritage des pensionnats autochtones au Québec.

  • Founders Prize, French book, 2022: Catherine Larochelle (Montreal), L’école du racisme : La construction de l’altérité à l’école québécoise

  • Founders Prize, Best English dissertation, 2022: Jackson Pind (Queen’s), Indian Day Schools in Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg Territory, 1899-1978.

  • Founders Prize, Best French dissertation, 2020: Olivier Lemieux (Laval), L’histoire à l’école, matière à débats… Analyse des sources de controverses entoutant les réformes de programmes dèhistoire du Québec au secondaire (1961-2013)

  • Founders Prize, Best English article, 2020: Penney Clark (UBC), “ The Most Just of All Educational Legislation”: Provision of Free Textbooks in the Province of Ontario, 1846-1967” Journal of Canadian Studies 53:2 (Spring 2019: 392-422.

  • Founders Prize, Best English article, 2022: Sean Carleton (Manitoba), “’The Children show unmistakable signs of Indian blood’: Indigenous children attending public schools in British Columbia, 1872-1925” History of Education, 50:3 (2021): 313-337.

    • (Honourable mention: Natalie Cross and Thomas Peace (Huron College), “’My Own Old English Friends’: Networking Anglican Settler Colonialism at the Shingwauk Home, Huron College, and Western University” Historical Studies in Education 33:1 (Spring 2021): 22-29).

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